Idea Packaging Horizontal straws packing machine, is a pneumatic Straws Counting & packing machine is state of art technology with PLC and TOUCH SCREEN HMI whereby in an instant we can set desired number of sticks to be packed.

This machine can also be used for automatic packing of :

  • Cylindrical shaped Glue sticks.
  • Pencils

Technical Specifications:-

Speed (Bag/min.)  6-50/min.
Dosing Capacity 1-100 sticks.
Pack Size Roll : 90 – 450mm.,Pouch Length : 100 – 500mm.
Film Type : Multi layer Laminate,Bopp heat seal bale film. Web Size200 – 470mm, Core Dia: 75mm, Max Outer Dia: 350mm.
Sealing SystemType  Pillow type/ Centre sealing
Feeding  System : By Count.
Power Consumption 2.5Kw, 220V/Single Phase
Weight (gross) 350 kgs Approx.
Dimension 150 x 1200 x 2600mm.
Air 6 – 8 ,4 – 6 Bar Pressure.

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