Idea Automatic Vertical FFS Machine with Bucket Conveyor machine is used to pack irregular shaped items like oil seal, electrical switches, anti ancillary, hooks & surgical blade etc.


Speed (Bag/min.) 15 – 40.
Max. Weight Bag Depends on product to be packed
Pack Size Roll : 90 – 450mm.,Pouch Length : 100- 500mm.
Film Type – Multi layer Laminate,Web Size : 200 – 470mm,Core Dia: 75mm, Max Outer Dia: 350mm.
Sealing System Type – Continuous Heat Pillow Type/Intermittent.
Filling System Food Grade Conveyor For Packing Chips, Snacks,tea bags.
Power Consumption 2.5Kw,220V/Single Phase (Optional).
Weight Kg(gross) 600
Dimension 150 x 1200 x 2600mm.
Air 6 – 8,4 – 6 bar Pressure
Application For Packing Solid Products,Irregular shape products
Products to Pack  Potato Chips, Solid Shape items,tea bags

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