Automatic horizontal flow wrap machine for packing wet dhoop in sachets. Used for packing single dhoop, 4 in one dhoop.

Feeding system is chain conveyer where operator will keep one product manually. Auto feeding systems can be fitted on this machine depending on product & its characteristics.


Machine Flow Wrap
Sealing Center seal
Contact Parts SS 304/316Grade
Motor Crompton 1HP
Oscillator 500w
Laminate Structure Polyester Laminated with LLPDE, HDPE, Foil Laminates, Heat Sealable Plain, Pearliest BOPP & any heat Sealable Film
Packing Speed 20-150 min.
Web Size 80-360mm width
Heater 150w*8pcs 300w*2pcs
Weight aprox. 1000kg.
Products to Pack Biscuits, Cakes and Other Confectionery Items, Wet Dhoop

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