This machine is Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine suitable to pack single piece or pack of multiple pieces piled fit on each other. Feeding system is chain conveyer where operator will keep one product manually. Auto feeding systems can be fitted on this machine depending on product & its characteristics.

Uselful for packing cake, Bread, Biscuits, Candies, Sweets, noodles pieces, ice candy bars, cheese slabs, fruits, wet wipes, soap, detergent cake, scrubber pads, bearings, hardware items, files, tablet strips, tubes, sachets, small leaflets,  cards, mosquito coils,, bars, chikki, detergent cakes etc.

Technical Specifications:- 

Sealing Center seal
Feeding System: Manual feeding through in-feed conveyor with Pushers
Motor: Crompton 1HP with vector Drive
Laminate Structure: Polyester Laminated with LLPDE, HDPE, Foil Laminates,

Heat Sealable Plain,Pearliest BOPP & any heat Sealable Film

Packing Speed: 20-150 min.
Web Size: 80-360mm width
Heater 150w*8pcs 300w*2pcs

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